Conservation is a Brand New Source of Education

Conservation is a Brand New Source of Education

 ~ Samantha Lewis

When it comes to having a ‘greener’ world, countries are working together in order to bring renewable energy on board and expand into a ‘greener’, healthier century. There is a list of technology out there across this planet that’s 961382_origbeing created every single day; and new, imaginative ideas that will, hopefully, save this earth.

The latest news comes from the world of education. Schools are the most important institutions that the United States has. This is not an over-exaggeration. Our children becoming more intelligent within SAFE realms, is on every parent’s mind. Religion and politics may be big in America, but our children will (and should) always come first.


So it is quite a triumphant fact to learn that our institutions of learning – every single one of them in existence – are the focus of the ‘National Solar Schools Consortium’ that was just introduced to the world in Boston at the National Science Teachers Association Conference.

The consortium is looking at achieving what most people would assume is an absolutely impossible goal. However, there are no impossibilities when it comes to America – as the U.S.A. has proven in the past. Utilizing hard work and diligence – two skills we want all of our educators to own as well – the consortium is not going to rest until solar energy is placed on the roof of every single school. To put that mission into perspective for you, we are talking about almost 140,000 buildings of learning according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

There are funds, projects, and all different types of partners coming together to make this happen. You are speaking about a consortium made up of: The Brian D. Robertson Memorial Solar Schools Fund, The Community Power Network, Elephant Energy,  KidWind, The Solar Energy Industries Association, The National Energy Education Development – and a whole lot more.

Working side-by-side, these members are not going to rest until solar power is part of the entire U.S. school system. Before this there were many who wished this particular goal would happen; but now, with the consortium, every single voice will be managed and heard. They will finally come together and work hard to provide what they have wanted for a good, long time.

People and towns across the country have begun, by the way. As of 2014, thousands of schools – from high school to kindergarten – have installed solar panels as part of their buildings. Yet over one hundred thousand are still dependant on fossil fuels – which is a system that needs to end.

Lowering costs is a must in this day and age. But so is teaching our children a better way to protect, restore, and rejuvenate their planet, so they have it for their own children and grandchildren to enjoy.

The ‘common sense’ reasons why schools are doing this are many, but there is also a huge educational benefit to the system. Solar can actually provide a new source of curriculum that engages future scientists with economics as well as students who wish to embark on an environmental career. This will also provide new ways to receive scholarships, grants and awards, for both school and pupil.

The set goal is, by 2020 solar panels will be installed in 20,000 schools and universities; while also accumulating 2,000 member organizations into the consortium and support 200 solar school initiatives at district level.

THIS is a powerful tool of learning that will have American children receiving a better education. And that is a goal we all want to achieve!


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